B2C vs. B2B Media Programs

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Whether you’re a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or a Business-to-Business (B2B) brand, the simple goal of media is to effectively reach prospects and influence purchase. The steps to developing these programs also follow the same basic path:

1. Discovery --- gaining critical insights about the client (consider a MarketView analysis)

2. Research --- understanding customer media consumption habits

3. Plan Development --- creating a strategic media program

4. Program Management --- negotiation, implementation and ongoing assessment

5. Evolution --- optimizing campaigns based on results and the changing marketplace

6. Stewardship --- budget management and proof-of-performance

B2C media programs have an extensive, sometimes overwhelming, number of channel options: Television, Radio, Cable, SEM, Social, Digital Display, Direct Mail, Out-Of-Home, Streaming Audio and Video, Product Placement. Creation of the media mix is part art, part science; uncovering the best combination of tactics to heighten the creative message and elicit a consumer response.

B2B programs create a unique set of obstacles and opportunities. While B2C marketing has tremendous breadth of media options to reach a broader audience, brands must be more resourceful in the B2B environment to reach a narrow target prospect. The B2B purchase cycle is generally longer and more complex, heightening the importance of Lead Generation tactics. And, options can be more limited when trying to reach prospects based on industry, title and job function. Some of the methods we employ include:

•  Developing constructive publisher and association relationships is vital (consider a collaborative MediaSummit planning event)

•  Understanding your competition’s spend and messaging helps reinforce your plan and differentiate your brand (see information on our MediaWatch research)

•  Incorporating content distribution as a source for LeadGen (webinars, white papers) to supplement public relations efforts

•  Supporting key sales events and conventions via imaginative on-site exposure

•  Incorporating progressive digital tactics (retargeting, data-driven programmatic, video, IP targeting, geo-fencing) to augment finite B2B digital opportunities

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