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Digital.jpgYou don't need us to tell you that digital advertising should be a part of any media strategy. It's been around long enough that we can actually use the phrase "In the old days..." when talking about banners ads on websites. If only it were still that simple. The industry is growing so quickly that it's hard for you to stay on top of all the options. Mobile Geofencing of In-App advertising. Programmatic Buying using Third Party Data Segments. Streaming Audio like Pandora and Spotify. Pre-roll and In-stream Video like Hulu. By the time you read this, everything we've listed might have been replaced by something else. How can you be sure you're choosing the right strategy to meet your goals?

McCulloch+Company can help. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to new digital advertising tactics and technology. If it's been talked about, we've vetted or tested it. We have our own in-house digital team that would handle your digital campaigns. This includes one employee with an IAB Digital Media Buying & Planning Certification and three Google AdWords Certified employees - and we all work on our own in-house trading desk for data-based digital buys. Plus, we continue to work with a short list of trusted digital technology vendors who can efficiently and effectively achieve your goals to supplement our efforts. No matter what advertising method you choose, know that our talented media strategists will get you the lowest rates possible and will monitor performance to ensure you get the delivery you paid for. You can check out one of our Digital case studies here. Digital is easy--when you know how.

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