Harness the Power of Broadcast Television

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shutterstock_79170475.jpgWhen it comes to advertising, broadcast television is still the 800-pound gorilla in the room. If you want to reach a mass audience with an audio and visual message, nothing beats a traditional network TV commercial. It reaches the entire audience in a market, and is still king when you want to catch your customers during local news, daytime talk shows, or the big four's (or is it five's?) Prime Time schedules. But there are so many variables to consider: Which networks? What dayparts? Which programs? And are you paying the right price?

At McCulloch+Company, handling those details is what we live for. We've purchased national, multi-market, and spot-market television commercial schedules for all types of clients. We use the latest ratings data and technology when creating your schedules. Couple that with our team of aggressive rate negotiators, you'll be sure your ads get the best possible rates in top programming that will reach your customers. And our job isn't done there. We pride ourselves on making sure your ad schedules run correctly and demand proof-of-performance when they're finished. We do this by developing partnerships with our sales reps. Rather than see them as the enemy, we convince them that their success is our success--which is, ultimately, your success.

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