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How to host a successful webinar

Posted by Scott Christopher on Mon, Aug 31, 2015 @ 16:08 PM

Lately I've been deemed the "webinar guru" here at McCulloch+Company. In fact, I've helped coordinate 3 with different clients just this month.  There's a very good reason I am such a huge proponent of these online seminars and recommend them often to our B2B clients. For your money in the B2B marketing space, there's very little else a company can do that's as successful in generating leads. And they are qualified leads, too - having submitted their information to register, and then invested an hour of their time. There are several more residual benefits that come along with participating in this type of content marketing - including thought-leadership within your industry. 

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Good Media Idea: Webinars that generate qualified leads

Posted by Scott Christopher on Mon, Mar 31, 2014 @ 13:03 PM

For this month's good media idea we will highlight webinars, specifically in the B2B marketing space. If you are not familiar with the term, a webinar is an online seminar conducted usually by a publisher and sponsor in which participants pre-register, then log-in to view at a specified time the audio/visual presentation. It is usually timed at an hour, with 45 minutes of a presentation, and 15 minutes for question and answer at the end. Webinars topics vary widely, but usually focus on either a relevant topic to the reader, or discuss an industry problem. Some may even qualify for continuing education credit in certain fields. Above all, webinars should not be a sales pitch of a product - but more on that later. After the webinar is conducted, the publisher or platform usually provides all of the contact information of registrants to the sponsor. Then the sponsor has a fresh set of pre-qualified leads (people that invested an hour of their time to learn more on the topic and company) to begin to nurture. 

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Topics: good media ideas, digital marketing, webinars, content marketing, B2B marketing strategy

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