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Braves, Hawks & Falcons share marketing insight at Atlanta AMA event

Posted by Scott Christopher on Fri, May 29, 2015 @ 16:05 PM

All of Atlanta is licking their collective wounds after the sports week we've had. After a hot end of season and playoff run, the Hawks got swept by King James and the Cavs in the conference finals. The Braves are not doing so hot, either. But last week at the Atlanta AMA event, these two teams' heads of marketing along with the Falcons top marketer were all smiles and shared some insight into how they promote their "products" to our city. A few of our team members attended the event and came back with some valuable takeaways that I'd like to share here. Turns out the same marketing principles are applicable no matter what the industry --whether sports, retail, B2B or tourism. 

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