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Facebook seeking to tap into TV media budgets

Posted by Scott Christopher on Wed, Feb 1, 2017 @ 16:02 PM

We've written on here before about how massive and effective online video is for brands - both in consumer and B2B industries. But despite this, more marketers spend with TV than in any other tactic, still over $70 billion (with a "B"!) a year. Facebook and many other tech giants are seeking to change this and tap into those massive media budgets. This announcement earlier this week that Facebook is developing a video-centric app for OTT devices (like Roku and Apple TV) is the next step into making this reality. And there are rumors that Facebook and Apple are developing their own content studios as well.

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Good Media Idea: Lexus creates InstaFilm

Posted by Scott Christopher on Wed, Jun 24, 2015 @ 11:06 AM

This really falls in the category of cool marketing idea, since it is not technically paid media. But we love when we see a brand use a media channel so well. That's exactly what Lexus did when they activated brand ambassadors to create an "InstaFilm" at last year's Instameet in California. Lexus invited more than 200 Instagrammers to take photos of their new Lexus IS using their mobile devices, edit, and upload them to Instagram. Then they tagged it with their assigned frame, ie #Frame 103. After that, they were digitally sequenced together to create a stop-motion style film that same day. Empowering people to do something innovative on a platform they love? And featuring your new product? That's a good media idea. Read more about it here.

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