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Leveraging Digital Media to Sell more Cars

Posted by Scott Christopher on Fri, Dec 2, 2016 @ 14:12 PM

As an advertising agency, we work hard to craft media plans that are not just noteworthy, but actually achieve the goals of our clients. We don't just want to see if click-through rates are above benchmark, but also if site engagement was achieved, did the leads generated result in sales? Were more widgets sold? This reality is especially important in the auto industry where gross margins for dealers are growing ever thinner and shoppers ever savvier. We understand car dealers are in the business to sell more cars, and we're in the business to help them do that.

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Good Media Idea: Macy's Image Search app

Posted by Scott Christopher on Wed, Nov 26, 2014 @ 15:11 PM

We have slacked as of late on highlighting good media ideas we have noticed. But this one stood out to us, especially in light of it being Thanksgiving week with Black Friday right around the corner. This month's idea comes from retailer Macy's and their new mobile app that debuted earlier this fall. The app allows customers to snap a photo with their phone of an outfit or accessory; and then similar looks and items that are on are sent to them in-app (Ok, ok - we know. This isn't really a media idea; it's a technology idea, but who's counting?)

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