Creative Thinking + Good Ideas

If your company's media program has become stale and unproductive, you've come to the right place. We specialize in helping clients find creative, often unconventional new ways to use media for both B2B and B2C categories. Whether to stretch a challenged media budget, or make your marketing really stand out, our team relentlessly pursues unique solutions and then flawlessly implements them.

Our Environment Breeds Creativity

Our Office

We have transitioned to a mostly virtual workplace to improve efficiency and tap into a nationwide talent pool. This evolution, built out of necessity, gives us more hours in the day, and has made us happier workers.

Our Core Commitment to Excellence

Ongoing Education

In today's sometimes overwhelming advertising environment, it is essential that we stay abreast of media innovation and consumer trends. Each year, our staff uses their most recent assessment to create a personalized curriculum and action plan for reaching their next level of professional competence. Through seminars, webinars, workshops, online training and evening classes, our staff stays at the top of their game.

We figure that anything that makes our people more valuable to the company and to our clients is definitely worth investing in.

We Believe In Doing Good Work

Deeper Impact

Deeper Impact is a creative group of street Drummers, looking to inspire and transform Generation Z. Co-founded by Scott Jones, this dynamic group of street musicians reaches people from all walks of life. Their unique style of music and mobility provides access to parks, jails, homeless shelters, apartment communities, schools, open city areas and skate parks. Their music is designed to incorporate diverse rhythms and styles from all of the world, which they perform on barrels, trashcans and anything else they see fit to bang on.

Most recently, Deeper Impact journeyed to the Dominican Republic to spread the Good News while providing medical supplies and their own brand of entertainment.

Spin For Kids

Jeff Jones continued his tradition of participating in the annual Spin for Kids charity bike ride in Rutledge, Georgia. Overall, 800 riders helped raise $440,000 for Camp Twin Lakes, with a significant portion going to Camp Horizon, a summer camp for abused and neglected children.

The 27-mile route was mostly uneventful, except for a suicide squirrel attack during mile sixteen. You'll be glad to know that both Jeff and the squirrel survived the harrowing encounter.

If you want to help sponsor Jeff's ride, please click here.

Gwinnett Heat

Good Media Ideas is proud to help sponsor the Gwinnett HEAT Adapted Sports team. The HEAT fields a team of Gwinnett County high schoolers in wheelchair handball, basketball and football.

Jeff volunteers with the Gwinnett HEAT to help during practices and scrimmages to get the team "game ready". He tries his best to keep up, but is oftentimes outplayed (and, frankly outsmarted) by these remarkable athletes.