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Good Media Idea: Nivea reimagines print ad

Posted by Scott Christopher on Mon, Sep 16, 2013 @ 10:09 AM

Here at McCulloch+Company, we love innovative new media ideas - but not just ideas that are innovative and creative for their own sakes, but rather ideas that further a brand's message. It's even better if the ad solves a problem your consumer has that then further enables them to use your product.

This month's Good Media Idea does just that. It comes from Nivea sunscreen and the agency Giovanni+Draftfcb. The idea surrounds a few simple questions: What do people that are using Nivea enjoy? The sun and hanging on the beach all day. What prevents them from staying on the beach all day? Having to leave to charge their phone... Their solution is a brilliant ad, which is buzz-worthy as well-- another bonus to good ideas. People talk about it, and vis-a-vis your brand which extends the reach of your advertising. Watch video below to see this excellent example of the medium becoming the message

Have you seen any good ideas in advertising lately? If so, share a comment.

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