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April Good Media Idea: MINI Cooper's digital billboard campaign

Posted by Scott Christopher on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 @ 11:04 AM

This month's Good Media Idea features MINI Cooper and an excellent use of digital billboards in a campaign celebrating existing customers. Last summer, MINI UK bought a series of digital billboards in a highly trafficked area in London and featured images from actual MINI drivers' social accounts displaying their unusally strong relationships with their cars as a part of their 'Not Normal' campaign. But one week, they made these boards even more interactive. Using a team of "spotters" on the road, they identified MINI drivers to activate real-time "salutes" to the drivers by switching out customized creative to feature these actual drivers as they drove by! Watch more in the video below:

We love it because it's a good use of the strength of this medium - location-based, along roadside (ideal for car brands or dealerships) and --specific to digital OOH--that creative can be switched quickly. I'm sure they made these 2,000 already raving fans rave any more - plus I'm sure it generated buzz among non MINI drivers. I mean, who has a relationship like this with their car brand? The campaign goes along well with MINI's brand though that also converted 3 MINIs into roller coaster carts for this campaign as well.

Read more about their 'Not Normal' campaign here on Creative Guerilla Marketing's website.

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