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Good Media Idea: Online video

Posted by Scott Christopher on Tue, Dec 23, 2014 @ 17:12 PM

This month's good media idea features something we should've written about a long time ago: online video. This is an area that is growing by leaps and bounds every month, with new publishers popping up daily, many of them creating original content, and in-banner video options becoming more prevalent. Plus, this short-form video content is very "snackable" with high view-through rates and optimal to reach potential customers where they are - on their mobile devices.

The most popular way for advertisers capitalize on this growing audience is through pre-roll video ads. Most platforms, like Youtube and news sites, allow advertisers to run :15 or :30 spots before the content runs. We'd like to focus on the brand Kate Spade this month. Their holiday execution of online video ads was very creative. Not only was it done well featuring actress Anna Kendrick coming back from a recent shopping trip at Kate Spade, but it is also interactive. As viewers watch, they can click on items they are interested in possibly buying. The video stores all items in a que right in the video window, and you can click through to their website and buy. Watch the video below (the shoppable version is in the AdWeek link above).

Now this is not technically a pre-roll video. But Kate Spade did as a part of this campaign create 5 second pre-roll videos to promote this video, which makes this whole strategy even more brilliant. The video features Anna Kendrick answering holiday related questions and ran on Youtube to target mobile users who have shorter attention spans than desktop users. They even integrated a hashtag (#MissAdventure) to tie in a social media component. Great all around, and worked well, too.

What quality pre-roll or online video ads have you seen lately? Share in the comments.

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