Cable Television Offers Unique Advertising Options

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shutterstock_163369238.jpgThese days when people think "TV" they don't separate between broadcast and Cable TV. But Cable has a lot to offer your business. You can advertise on specialized networks that target your customers' profiles. Or you can run your ads in top-rated, high-quality Cable programs that just don't fit on a broadcast TV network. Next time you watch a TV awards show, count how many wins are going to Cable programs. You'll be surprised how well Cable fares against the big networks.

Cable advertising has other benefits, too. Cable TV is a low-cost alternative to broadcast, allowing you to run more of your commercials on multiple networks for the same cost as a single broadcast TV network. That means your ad budgets can go further on Cable--who doesn't like that? Plus, you can zone your message to a smaller region if targeting the entire market isn't what you need. And if you want to try something more innovative like Video On Demand, Taggable advertising, or Program Integration , Cable is constantly developing new ways to reach your customers. McCulloch+Company will make sure your business takes full advantage of those offerings.  

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