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SEM-01.jpgEverybody uses Search. Whether you're trying to figure out the name of the guy in that movie about the horse, or you're hoping to learn more specific information about a product or service, Search gets customers their answers fast. And because everyone uses Search, Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) should be an important part of your media strategy. We always recommend SEM run in conjunction with other media tactics (TV, Digital, Print, etc.), and should never run on its own since consumers tend to Search when triggered by something else. By choosing the right keywords, combined with compelling ad copy and a strong call-to-action, SEM can drive sales conversions, generate leads, increase brand awareness--all for an extremely scalable cost. And you only pay for clicks on your ad. Only paying for ads that work--what a concept!

At McCulloch+Company, our team is well-versed in SEM tactics. More than half the staff is Google certified and we all collaborate to make sure the job is done right. We've run campaigns for all kinds of clients with great success: large-scale retail locations, construction equipment, luxury apartments, hospitals, and more. Let us help you and your brand be successful with SEM, too.

If you think SEM should be a part of your advertising campaign, fill out the form below and let us know what your current needs are. And if you can't wait that long, just give us a call.

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