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Print.jpgYou've probably heard this all before. Print is dead. Circulation is down. No one subscribes to Newspapers or Magazines anymore. These comments get thrown around quite a bit, but that last one is not true at all. People do still subscribe to Newspapers and Magazines, and they're probably the people you want as customers. Why? If they can afford a subscription, they likely have more in their bank account to spend. So let's get them to spend with your business.

And while you may think a plain ol' display ad is all they have to offer, Newspaper and Magazine advertising options run deeper. Newspaper can run ads in unusual sizes and orientations that are eye-catching to the reader. Newspaper can also offer unique units like post-its on the front page, cover wraps, multi-page inserts, or let you put an ad on the plastic bag as it's delivered to your door. And these can be zoned to your specific target area if a full-run ad is more than you need. Magazines have their share of cool units, too. Post-its, polybags, inserts, and gatefold ads are just a few. And McCulloch+Company has been known to invent a unit or two for our clients' particular needs.

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