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Posted by Scott Christopher on Tue, Mar 5, 2013 @ 11:03 AM

So here it is, our brand new blog on our brand new site. We hope to share here some Good Media Ideas that we have noticed in the marketplace, as well as media trends, media buying basics, book reviews, and a bit of what life is like at a top media agency in our little corner of suburbia in Atlanta. We also hope to help you get to know each member of our media team along the way. 

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Will Aereo complete shake up the traditional television marketplace? What's working in digital advertising and what's not? What's the right balance between digital and traditional media for consumer and B2B businesses? We'll address these topics and more as we wrestle through some of the challenges of getting our clients' message out in the current ever-changing media landscape. Please join the conversation, comment, tweet to us, share your ideas - we love collaboration. We look forward to it! Off we go!

Topics: traditional media buying, digital advertising, television, media planning, media buying, radio, tv ad buying, outdoor

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