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You Are Not Your Target Audience

Posted by Neil Pace on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 16:02 PM

We pride ourselves on putting together media plans for our clients that reach their target audience the best way possible within the budget we are given. Our team takes time to analyze all the media options, verifying TV ratings, cable viewership, newspaper and magazine circulations, website impressions and more to ensure the plan is the best it can be. But one phrase can make all that hard work feel wasted:

“I don’t watch that show.”

This phrase is quite possibly the most dreaded one we hear. It varies a little here and there. Sometimes it’s “I don’t listen that station” or “I don’t go to that site” but it all means the same thing: “I don’t use this media, so there’s no way our customers would either.”

Now, we agree with this to some extent. If your business serves a clientele that wouldn’t be interested in certain subjects, we would never insist you advertise within them. In fact, as an agency, we always try to avoid questionable content for our clients. Trashy daytime talk shows are usually never included. Tabloid-y headline newspapers are regularly avoided. But if something we recommend delivers your audience and does so efficiently and effectively while not offending anyone’s sensibilities, does it need to be something you like, too?

We say it doesn’t.

In our experience, only buying media that you as a client like severely narrows the overall reach of your media program. That doesn’t benefit your bottom line at all. Different media options can reach different audiences, most of which are nothing like you but are still potential customers looking for what you have to offer. Imagine you were handing out fliers for your business to patrons at a coffee shop. Would you hand out fliers to every customer? Or just the ones who order the same coffee with cinnamon and whipped cream that you prefer? If you chose the first one, then you understand the need for a broad reaching media plan.

So when you’re considering where to advertise, remember that there’s a vast audience out there that might be interested in what you have to offer but not at all interested in your favorite show. That kind of thinking is a good media idea.

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