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The Speed of Media

Posted by Drew Conklin on Thu, May 12, 2016 @ 12:05 PM

Holy May Batman! Is it really already May? I mean, we are halfway through May. It seems that the older we get, the quicker times flies. We can all remember when the school year seemed to last for years and then we got our first job, and Friday seemed to take forever to get here. Now the weeks seems to fly by as fast as the Japanese bullet train.

In the world of media, things are constantly changing and next thing we know we will all have TV's implanted into our eyes so we are 100% connected to everything and anything. Kind of like Google tried doing with their glasses

There comes a point when we have to sit back and process everything out there and figure out how we can connect clients with customers. Yes, it is not a simple TV, Radio, and Digital plan anymore; it is asking "What is new within all of these that will help us to connect clients with their prospects." However, we need to remember, that not everything is appropriate for reaching a client's prospects.


When we think about this ever-changing media landscape, does it make sense for every client to put their message out on everything available? Should a C-Store run a Google SEM campaign? Should a healthcare client run on Pandora? Sometimes clients get caught up in all the new shiny things out there, but we need to ask ourselves, "will this deliver prospects?"  All these questions are out there for every single client. Media planners and buyers wrestle with this everyday.

There was a time when we had to ask ourselves "do we include digital?" - mainly because traditional sales reps didn't know how to sell it and were giving it away for free. Despite the continued growth of digital and its impact on our daily lives, people get their information everywhere, from traditional sources to digital sources. However, traditional TV is still the largest reach medium out there....where else can you reach 111.9MM people at one time? 

So as we think about all the changes in the media landscape and try to keep up with everything, it is our job (Media Planners and Buyers) to guide our clients down the correct path and help them grow their business. It is the balance between how many GRPs we need for the TV buy and how many impressions we need for a digital campaign. Think of it like a quarterback and knowing which play to run; do we run it up the middle or do we run a 20 yard slant down the sideline?

If you are looking for a media agency to help you navigate this fast and every changing landscape, give us a shout, we are hear to help. 



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